Modern society is becoming increasingly dependent on technology. Everything, from our work, education, and health to social interactions, is now dominated by digital technologies. However, access to these technologies and the benefits they bring is not evenly distributed. In this article, we will explore how technological policy can help create a better society by ensuring equal access to technology.

Technological Inequalities: A Problem to Solve

Technological inequalities are a real problem that affects communities worldwide. They are often the result of factors such as economic status, age, education, or place of residence. Access to technology, and therefore the ability to utilize it, impacts individuals’ ability to participate in the digital society.

Technological Policy: A Means for Ensuring Equality

Technological policy can play a crucial role in ensuring equal access to technology. This can include initiatives to increase technology accessibility in low- and middle-income communities, digital skills training programs for older adults, and efforts to ensure that technologies are accessible and usable for individuals with diverse needs.

Examples of Effective Technological Policy

There are various initiatives worldwide that illustrate how technological policy can contribute to creating a more equitable society. For example, programs like “One Laptop per Child” aim to provide low-income children with access to computers and the internet. Other initiatives, such as “Digital Inclusion” in the United Kingdom, focus on increasing digital skills among older adults and other digitally marginalized groups.

Achieving greater equality in technology usage requires coordinated action at multiple levels—from local communities to governments and international organizations. It necessitates not only investments in infrastructure and devices but also in education and support that help people effectively utilize technology. Technological policy is a key tool in achieving these goals and creating a society where everyone has equal access to the benefits of technology.


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