Are you looking for effective ways to optimize your interactions with artificial intelligence? This can be especially complicated when you’re not sure how to formulate your questions or commands to get answers that are closest to your expectations. In this section, you will find sets of prompts designed to facilitate your work with AI.

What are prompts?

Prompts are essentially questions or commands that you enter into a chatbot, like ChatGPT, to initiate a conversation or ask a specific question. They are a key element of interaction with AI, as they determine the context and direction of the conversation.

What are prompt sets?

Prompt sets are ready-made, tested, and optimized prompts designed to perform specific tasks. With them, you can focus on your goal, without worrying about how to formulate a question or command.

Applications of prompt sets

Prompt sets can have various applications, depending on what the specific AI model is used for. Here are some examples:

  1. Education: Prompt sets can include questions on specific educational topics, helping students and teachers make the most of AI for learning.
  2. Business: For AI used in business support, prompt sets may include commands related to report creation, data analysis, or project management.
  3. Entertainment: For AI used for entertainment, prompt sets may include commands related to games, story creation, or conducting fun conversations.

Examples of prompt sets for ChatGPT

Below are some examples of prompt sets for ChatGPT, showing how they can be used in practice. This is just a brief example of the kind of issues you’ll find in this category.

  1. Space Science
    • Tell me about black holes.
    • Explain how the theory of relativity works.
    • What are the latest discoveries in astronomy?
  2. Business and Data Analysis
    • Translate this data into natural language.
    • Create a report based on this data.
    • What trends can be seen in this data?
  3. Story Creation
    • Write a short story about a dragon living in the forest.
    • Create a dialogue between a princess and a knight.
    • Invent an ending for the story about the lost treasure.

More comprehensive articles will cover complex solutions, such as a set of prompts to create a dedicated risk analysis application, automated report creation, and many other extended issues.

How to use prompt sets?

Using prompt sets is simple. Just copy and paste the chosen prompt into the chatbot, and then press enter or click the “send” button. You can also modify the prompts, adapting them to your specific needs.

We invite you to explore the different prompt sets that we will be gradually publishing in this category. Our goal is to provide tools that will help you make the most of the opportunities that artificial intelligence offers.

Prompt sets are a great tool for people who want to optimize their interactions with AI. With them, we can focus on what’s most important – achieving our goals, whether it’s learning, business, or entertainment.

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