Artificial Intelligence (AI) already has a tremendous impact on our lives – it helps us in everyday tasks, supports doctors in diagnosing and treating diseases, and assists scientists in uncovering new mysteries of the universe. However, with its growing influence, questions regarding its ethical aspects arise, especially in the context of life and death decisions.

AI in Medicine

One of the areas where AI has an increasing influence is medicine. AI algorithms are already being used to analyze complex medical images, aiding doctors in disease diagnosis. In some cases, these decisions can have an impact on the life and death of patients. Can we trust machines to make such decisions? Should we allow AI to decide our health, or should we always rely on the intuition and experience of doctors?

AI on the Battlefield

AI is also finding applications on the battlefield, where autonomous weapon systems can determine who lives and who dies. These so-called “killer robots” raise many controversies. Many people are concerned that such systems can easily cross the line, leading to uncontrolled violence and destruction.

The Issue of Accountability

Another key question is the issue of accountability for decisions made by AI. If a machine makes an error that results in someone’s death, who is responsible? Is it the creator of the algorithm or the person using it? Can the machine itself be held accountable?

As AI becomes increasingly advanced, these questions become more urgent. We need to start seriously considering what ethical principles should apply in the world of AI. We need to decide what boundaries we want to set for this technology and what roles we want it to fulfill in our society.

One thing is certain: artificial intelligence has the potential to radically change our world. But we must be aware that with this potential comes great responsibility. We need to ask ourselves difficult questions and make difficult decisions to ensure that AI serves the well-being of humanity rather than harm it.


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